Destiny 2 Error Code ChickPea: How to fix on PSN & Xbox?

Destiny 2 Error Code ChickPea can appear when you try to Log in to your PSN or Xbox Live account. You can encounter this error code while playing a Multiplayer match or joining a party.

Likewise, this error occurs because you may have disabled crossplay on your PSN and Xbox console. Crossplay features allow you to play Destiny 2 games across platforms. However, you can fix the Destiny 2 ChickPea error code by enabling the crossplay feature on your console.

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How to fix Destiny 2 Error Code ChickPea?

Follow the below steps to fix the Destiny 2 ChickPea error on PSN and Xbox Consoles.

Fix this error On Playstation:

However, the Destiny 2 Cross-Play feature is automatically enabled when you set up the game for the very first time. But it can be disabled by manual actions or due to any glitch.

Make sure to enable it by going to Destiny 2 in-game Settings. Now select the Gameplay option from the left menu. Make sure to set On (default) next to the Cross-Play Matchmaking option.

Once done, the ChickPea error code will be fixed and you can enter Multiplayer matches without getting any errors.

Fix it on Xbox:

If you want to enable Crossplay on your Xbox gaming console, then you’ll need to enable it by going to your Xbox Account settings.

Here are the steps to enable crossplay on Xbox:

  1. Launch the Destiny 2 game on your Xbox console.
  2. Tap the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
  3. Select SystemSettings.
  4. Now navigate to AccountPrivacy & online safety.
  5. There you’ll have to enter your Passkey.
  6. Select Xbox Live Privacy View details & customize Communications & multiplayer.
  7. Now set Allow to “You can play with people outside of the Xbox Live“.

That is all you need to know about how to fix the Chickpea error code in the Destiny 2 game. If you have any queries related to this, let us know via below comment section. Stay connected with us for the latest guides about Destiny 2.


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