How to Fix Tupperbox Not Working in 2022?

Tupperbox allows Discord users to create fake bot profiles and they can talk through the fake bot profiles and can pretend to be anyone. This is a very funny tool and you can also use it to prank your friends and colleagues. You can create many fake profiles with different avatars and can easily sign in with a single tap. Alternatively, you can also send bulk messages with the Autoproxy feature. Now, this tool is not funny at all because many users reported that Tupperbox is not working for them.

However, the roots of this error are still unknown and officials are trying their best to provide a working patch as soon as possible. But there are no official statements for many days and users are on their own. After going through this topic on several community websites, we found some working solutions to fix this issue. This article contains all the necessary information regarding how to fix Tupperbox not working.

How to Fix Tupperbox Not Working in 2022?

You can fix this issue by allowing permissions to Tupperbox, disabling adblockers, using chromium-based web browsers, clearing browser cache files, etc.

Fix 1: Allow the right permissions to Tupperbox.

The first step you can take to fix this issue by checking that you have added the right permissions to work on your server. If you haven’t allowed the permissions on your Discord channel, Tupperbox will stop working.

  • Open Discord.
  • Go to the Channel where Tupperbox is not working.
  • Type ‘?perms’ on that channel.
  • Now add the required permissions.
  • If the above code doesn’t work, then type tul!proxy enable on the same channel.
  • Make sure to review all the permissions that are required.

Fix 2: Disable Adblockers on your Browser.

As you know Adblockers are known to disable scripts and ads on websites. However, your adblocker can disable the most important scripts of Tupperbox, and then it will stop working.

So make sure to temporarily disable your Adblockers and check if Tupperbox is working fine or not.

Fix 3: Try Chromium-based web browsers.

Chromium-based browsers are the latest in the market and they are known for the best performance and lag-free experience. Google Chrome is one of them and you can try it to run Tupperbox on your channel.

Fix 4: Clear Data of Discord.

If the above method doesn’t help you to fix the Tupperbox not working issue, then maybe the website data is outdated and corrupted. You should try to clear the data and cookies for the Discord website by going to site settings. Select the Clear data option and restart your browser.

Now open the Discord website on your PC and run the Tupperbox. If it still doesn’t work, then open it in Incognito Mode.

So this is all you need to know regarding how to fix Tupperbox not working issues on your PC. You can wait until developers fix this issue from their end. In meantime, you can follow several methods to fix this issue that we have mentioned on this page.

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