Kaspersky Total Security 2024 Free Activation Code & License Key

Are you searching for Kaspersky Total Security 2024 Free Activation Code & KTS License Key? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we are providing some free and genuine license keys for Kaspersky Total Security.

Kaspersky Total Security is an all-in-one solution for your PC. It is a complete defense against cyber threats and can block and remove them easily from your device. Kaspersky is an award-winning protection against various types of online threats and protects you against hackers, viruses, and malware.

However, the KTS antivirus is not free. You have to purchase the software to use its premium features. But they also allow you to use their Trial feature so you can enjoy the features free for a limited time.

If you can’t manage to purchase the Kaspersky Total security license key, then don’t worry. You can use our free activation codes to extend your antivirus support.

Kaspersky Total Security 2024 License Key Features:

The Internet is an unreliable gift for us and In this tech era, it has become one important thing in our life. You can enjoy your life with the Internet by watching videos and movies, surfing anything, shopping, banking, and many other things.

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However, it is beneficial to us but this is dangerous too. On the internet, your data can be easily stolen because data sent on these lines in the form of encryption, and any hack with some basic equipment can steal your private data.

Thanks to Kaspersky, they have an all-in-one solution for our devices. Kaspersky Total Security activation codes come with life-saving features. It monitors your network and ensures that no one can breach your network and intercept your data.

The real-time antivirus works in the background and guards you against common threats like worms & trojans to complex ones like botnets, rootkits & rogues. Advanced anti-malware can easily neutralize threats including spyware, adware, keyloggers, spear phishing & hard-to-detect fileless attacks.

Some of the important features of Kaspersky Total Security 2024 are:

  • Protects you from online threats, attacks, and the latest ransomware.
  • Encrypts your data on risky public Wi-Fi.
  • Browse anonymously as it can hide your IP address, even from your ISP.
  • Connect to ultra-fast private servers via a Free VPN.
  • Make payments via an encrypted browser and secure your password in a private vault.
  • Available for PC, macOS, and mobile.
  • Kid’s Protection.
  • Mobile Protection.

Kaspersky’s total security 2024 activation code has many features in which you can find a Full scan, Custom scan, Quick scan, Mobile scan, etc. This antivirus is very powerful and helps to remove viruses and Trojans from your computer.

Kaspersky Total Security Free Activation Code (Updated – May 18, 2024)

Free Kaspersky Total Security (KTS) Keys 2024: Note these keys are valid till 2025.

  • BT9A8-G374U-DR7DH-KYR7F (364 days remaining)
  • N6UBJ-GVL8F-HL63R-RK2HK (362 days remaining)
  • RSBYP-F6NR3-4TFQB-YQNA5  (356 days remaining)
  • LMPBR-VCL36-5JYPT-GF572 (340 days remaining)
  • VEQ8Q-LZHYE-C3ZU9-Z6MYS (338 days remaining)
  • X4A92-AAMEX-ZJWTT-B3DNS (3336 days remaining)
  • GJMQ9-H8A75-4GQST-X2FF3 (330 days remaining)
  • WKHSH-3HJWD-2DKSB-ML7TP (330 days remaining)
  • P8KL6-5PYAA-RF76R-AD2J2 (Valid till 26-03-2024)
  • XZSWH-9HQDP-UT7VJ-H6YMF (Valid till 11-03-2024)
  • CBF9E-TXLVL-JA426-B4628 (Valid till 08-03-2024)
  • W8N6H-W8TSJ-CRKJ6-K6UV3 (Valid till 01-01-2024)
  • S3DTK-UH8K6-PTWNA-MUG87 (Valid till 01-01-2024)
  • TQWHN-4YQ9L-KW3KB-7BFPV (Valid till 01-01-2024)
  • 8LTCE-2CABC-CJEUA-WG2GC (Valid till 01-01-2024)
  • K7RJK-5QYS6-KYHNX-LXJN5 (Valid till 01-01-2024)
  • B83W9-3XALC-M6JYJ-5763H (Valid till 01-01-2024)
  • 8TZKZ-M98NN-LFKXB-TRGD3 (Valid till 01-01-2024)
  • ZWYS3-M565H-88RN4-5DL9Y (Valid till 29-12-2023)
  • 73APM-22YPC-VGMKU-DZSTW (Valid till 29-12-2023)
  • YUGGJ-YM9YP-M3HR5-XZQTG (Valid till 29-12-2023)
  • 3GVF6-PPXUM-Y4P55-WAE58 (Valid till 28-12-2023)
  • 98HJK-87YNY-43WFV-M6JES (Valid till 28-12-2023)
  • GQZ6D-X4P73-UHSF9-CTRWW (Valid till 28-12-2023)

Kaspersky Total Security 2024 License Keys

  • KY9NV-MY9EE-636GR-M72MM
  • BFL26-2ZZ7Y-ES9C9-3YHMC
  • U2NHJ-6HFSN-9YEK2-6LG65
  • TNPV6-LDBTX-56JS6-4WB78
  • ZNN5G-4A9F2-FRL89-5GTHC
  • KYCYQ-HNA25-7W5RR-54L93
  • 9ERE8-7RFMB-5R7H4-2SQ33

Kaspersky Total Security 2024 Activation Codes

  • C9SQ2-A3TEH-U2824-KXCFF
  • C6WAT-9DHJ2-6FQET-V7C72
  • 434EM-NWVS8-Q2F9E-DF6GT

That’s all!! This is the full list of 100% working free unused Kaspersky Total Security 20 Key and KTS Key 2024. We recommend you use these keys as soon as possible otherwise they will be used by other users.

How to activate Kaspersky Total Security?

Now that we’ve done our work by sharing the keys and you can use any of the above keys to activate the Kaspersky Total Security. Follow the below steps to activate the Premium version for free.

  1. First of all, download the Kaspersky Total Security from this page.
  2. Now run the downloaded file and install the software on your PC.
  3. Click on the “Enter Activation Code” option. (You can find it in the bottom menu)
  4. Now copy and apply any of the above-shared free Kaspersky Total Security (KTS) 2024 keys as an activation code.
  5. Click on the Activate button.
  6. That’s it!! Your free trial of Kaspersky will be activated and you can use it for up to 365 days.


How do I activate the Kaspersky Total Security activation code?

Launch the Kaspersky Total Security application, and from the main window, click on the “Enter Activation Code” option. (You can find it in the bottom menu). Now enter your activation code if you have any, or you can copy it from this page. Click on the Activate button and that’s it!!

How do I get a free Kaspersky license key?

There are several ways to get a free Kaspersky license key. You can get it from many giveaway websites, survey sites, etc. Moreover, you can avail a free Kaspersky key from this page.

Wrapping Up

So this is all you need to know regarding Kaspersky Total Security 2024 Free Activation Code & License Keys. We have shared 100% working keys so they will definitely work and you will be able to use Kaspersky products for 365 days for free.

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