How to Get Minecraft Mods on PS4? (Easy Ways)

Installing mods in Minecraft is the best way to enhance the gaming experience, add more features to the game, create a different world, etc. Some of the best Minecraft Mods are Optifine, Journeymap, Chisel, WAILA, etc. If you own a Playstation 4 device, then this guide is meant for you. This article contains information regarding how to get Minecraft Mods on PS4.

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Can you add mods to PS4 Minecraft?

PS4 devices are not officially built for installing any kind of Minecraft mods. Sony is very strict on installing mods on their platforms as it gives more freedom to the players.

The reason you can’t add Minecraft mods to your PS4 device is that it supports the Java version. There are two versions of Minecraft- Java, and bedrock. Devices having bedrock versions such as (Windows & Xbox) can easily add Minecraft mods.

But for the Java versions, there is no official way to install any mods on it. However, you can jailbreak your PS4 to install the mods, but it can potentially damage your console and you will lose your warranty.

Realms Update Pending

So how can you install mods to your PS4 device without jailbreaking it?

Well, there is an actual and legit way to get some mods to your PS4. Read out below.

How to Get Minecraft Mods on PS4?

Well, you will have to install Minecraft on your secondary device. This could be your Windows PC, Xbox, Android Phone, or any device that supports the Minecraft Bedrock version.

Once you install the Minecraft Bedrock version, simply host a world and add the mods.

Now invite your PS4 profile and join the world of having mods.

Alternatively, you can use Microsoft Realms which allows you to create your personal realm world and it can be transferred to your other device such as PS4. However, this is a subscription-based service that can cost you some amount every month.

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Moreover, many people prefer Minecraft Marketplace which has some pre-installed maps and coins. It will also cost you some mines.

That’s all folks! The above methods can help you to get Minecraft Mods on your PS4. If you have any other queries regarding this, then feel free to ask us via below comment section.

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