Rec Room – How to fix Mic not working on Xbox?

Rec Room is a multiplayer virtual reality game in which you can invite your friends to play together. However, communication is the most important thing in multiplayer games as it allows you to talk with your friends. It helps you to hear your friend’s strategy to win a particular game. But many Rec Room users are unable to communicate with their friends as their Mic not working on Xbox.

In this article, I will tell you how to fix the Rec Room mic not working on Xbox and you will be able to communicate with your friends again.

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 How to fix Rec Room Mic not working on Xbox?

Before moving to the solutions, make sure that you are not using a junior account. When you start the Rec Room game for the very first time, and if you have chosen your age 12 years or less, then you can’t use your Mic in the game. However, you can complete the age verification process from here to get a Parent account. Log in with your Junior account username and then change your age.

If you are not using any Junior account and still the Mic is not working on your Xbox gaming console, then try these fixes that we have mentioned below.

Fix 1: Power Cycle your Xbox:

The very first step you can take to fix this issue is by power cycling your Xbox console. This error can occur due to a glitch or bug and the game can’t detect your Mic even if it is connected. Likewise, many players reported on Reddit that they fixed this issue by just power cycling their Xbox.

To power cycle your Xbox, press and hold the Xbox button on your console for approx 10 seconds until all the lights are turned off on your console. Once done, unplug the power cable from the back of your Xbox console and wait for 1 minute. Now plug the cable in again and press the Xbox button on your console to boot up the system.

That’s it!! Now open the Rec Room game and check if your Mic is working or not. There is a high chance that it should work fine, and if it doesn’t, follow the next method to fix this issue.

Fix 2: Check if voice communication is enabled.

Well, your mic wouldn’t work if voice communication is not enabled in the System settings. To enable this, Go to  Settings > Account > Privacy & online safety > View details & customize > Communicate with voice and text. Make sure to enable the Communicate with voice and text option in order to use the Mic in the games.

Alternatively, you should also check that your Microphone is always on while playing the Rec Room game. You can do this by opening the Rec Room game options. Go to the Audio section and select the ‘Always on’ option in the Microphone section.

Fix 3: Check if your mic is working in other games.

Last but not least, if none of the above methods helped you to fix the Rec Room mic not working on Xbox, then try using your Mic in other online multiplayer games. If it works in other games, then you should contact customer support or try re-installing the game.

If your mic doesn’t work in other online games, then maybe something is wrong with your Microphone. Try to use any different Mic or follow troubleshooting guides for Mic issues on your Xbox console.

That’s all folks!! These are some working fixes that you can follow to the mic not working issue in Rec Room on Xbox. I hope you like this article and if you have any queries regarding this, feel free to ask us via the comment section below.

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